Wooden Window Shutters Watford

Craftwork Shutter Co. offers bespoke shutters for property owners in Watford. Our shutters can accommodate windows of all different shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter if you have wide windows or small narrow windows. Our bespoke shutters will fit perfectly over your windows so that you can block the sunlight and give yourself complete privacy whenever you need it.

There are lots of companies in Watford that sell shutters. However, what makes our shutters superior is their durable hardwood material. This material ensures that our shutters will last you for a very long time. We also use a stylish finish to ensure that your shutters both look good and last you for many years.

Craftwork Shutter Co. is a family-run business serving Watford and its surrounding communities. We have a wide range of shutters that you can choose from with special shapes, tracked shutters, solid shutters, tier on tier, café style, bay window shutters, or full height shutters. Whatever type of windows you need to cover, we have the perfect shutter solution for you.

The shutters are extremely easy to clean as dust doesn’t stick to the hardwood material of the shutters like you would get on other types of blinds and curtains. Just a quick wipe with a feather duster or dry dust cloth and that’s it!

Contact us at 01895 808066 if you have any questions.

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