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Window shutters can offer many benefits to a homeowner or business owner in Surrey, such as blocking sunlight and providing privacy and security. In addition, shutters add more beauty and aesthetics to your property as well. But if you want to add shutters to your windows in Surrey, you need to choose the right company to design and install them for you.

Craftwork Shutter Co. has been the leading provider of window shutter products and services in the region for many years now. We have a dedicated team of shutter specialists with the knowledge and experience to create custom shutters of any shape, size, colour, and style. Our goal is to provide exemplary customer service for every single project we undertake.

When you contact us to request a free survey of your property in Surrey, our specialists will measure the dimensions of your window space. These dimensions will help us create the right-size shutters for your windows to ensure a perfect fit. Some of the shutter styles we have available include:

  • Full height shutters
  • Café style shutters
  • Bay window shutters
  • Tier on tier shutters
  • Solid shutters
  • Tracked shutters
  • Special shaped shutters

There are more than forty colour and tone options available for our shutter products. We’ll present a palette of colours to you, and you’ll get to choose which colours you want for your shutters. Then, after we’ve finished our survey of your window space, we will get to work and create the window shutters of your dreams.


Contact Craftwork Shutter Co. today at 01895 808066 to get started.

If you would like to know more information about our shutter products in Surrey, contact our team at 01895 808066.

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